Here’s Why Terrorists Might Target Oslo

The news of a bomb in Oslo today has left many scratching their heads as to why a country often associated with peace would be a target for such a huge act of violence.

However, the country is an active military force in Afghanistan and Libya, and also angered Islamic communities when a Norwegian newspaper republished cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

A quick look reveals a number of plots and threats have been made against the country in recent months:

  • A group linked to Al Qaeda (and including one Chinese member of the Muslim minority Uighurs) had been arrested last year in relation to a plot, reports The New York Times.
  • Earlier this month Kurdish Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar, who was being deported from the country, reportedly made threats against Norwegian politicians, according to the AP.

And that’s only looking at the Islamic angle.

The other big possibility, touted by some on Twitter, is that the attack could have come from the Norwegian right. The Norwegian far right were once a feared proposition but have been relatively mellow in recent years due to the success of populist success of the Progress Party.

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