New Images Released Of British Girl Allegedly Abducted By Mother

It’s been two years since six-year-old Pearl Rose Gavaghan Da Massa was taken from her home in Manchester, England. Authorities say the girl and her mother are living in Toronto with different names and released new images of the youngster Wednesday.

Police allege the child’s mother, 33-year-old Helen Gavaghan, abducted Pearl from their home in Manchester. The pair has been spotted in Parkdale and there’s concern about the youngster’s health and well-being.

Helen Gavaghan and the child’s father, Hollywood Henry Da Massa, also of Manchester, share custody of Pearl. The mother is the subject of a UK arrest and extradition warrant.

Authorities claim Gavaghan unlawfully took her daughter out of England in December 2008 and travelled to Mexico. From there, the pair moved on to Texas, eventually ending up in Toronto in January 2009.

Police also claim the woman operated an unofficial home child care service in Riverdale with an unknown partner. The mother and child also lived at “an alternative community” in Parkdale for about a year, police said, under the names Dana and Belle Flaherty.

In September 2009 a health care worker offered new information in the case and raised concern about the girl, claiming she showed signs of trauma and social isolation. Pearl was in need of medical attention at the time of her alleged abduction from England.

Helen Gavaghan is described as:

-5’5”, with a very slim build
-Green/brown eyes
-Long black hair which may now be dyed or cut short
-She has a prominent angular nose and wide ears

Pearl is described as:

-3’7” or taller, with a normal build
-Green/brown eyes
-Last seen with light brown, shoulder-length hair

If you have any information on the pair’s whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS or Child Find Ontario at 1-800-387-7962 quoting reference 5625-P.

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