Help Find My Child !!

Help Find My Child is an small Scottish charity searching for missing children online. We aim to reduce the time a child is missing, potentially save lives and relive the distress to their families.

Our founding mission is to be a structured entity who use the latest technologies, providing practical support and positive action for families searching for a missing or exploited child online through:

    • To locate missing children worldwide.
    • To raise public awareness about individual cases of missing or exploited children.
    • To educate the public about the disappearance of children, their recovery and measures to improve child safety and the reduction of risk and exploitation and abduction.
    • To provide support and assistance to families in distress with missing children.
    • To support the work of, and to communicate effectively with, other relevant agencies and law enforcement bodies in connection with missing children worldwide.

We are committed to the global search for missing children and dedicated to helping families find their loved ones for as long as it takes. Read more here;

Published by: ABP World Group International Child Recovery Service

Visit our web site at:

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