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By: Online Mom

Hi, I’m Jenny,

It is every parents nightmare but unfortunately child abduction is a reality. The statistics are quite terrifying:

Somewhere in the United States a child goes missing every 40 seconds.

A lot of these have innocent explanations. Kids visit friends without telling you. They wander off at the mall while you are paying for something with your credit card.

Even thought there are lots of reasons kids go missing, when it happens, the panic and fear of the worst scenario is all you can think about.

amberadAbduction isn’t what parents want to even think about but it does happen. One of the most common cases is abduction of a child by one of the family members. The latest statistics are that 203,900 kids were abducted by family members every year. Arguments over child custody during and after divorce are commonplace.

I for one put my faith in modern GPS technology provided by Amber Alert. These small devices can be placed in children’s clothing or hidden in their backpacks.

With just the press of a few buttons you can receive instant information on where your child is, displayed on your cell phone or computer.

Click Here to have a look at their website and find out about this wonderful device that helps keeps our kids safe.


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