ABP World Group International Child Recovery Service

ABP World Group International Child Recovery Service

The goal of Abp World Group international child recovery services is to locate, negotiate and recover your missing child.
We can dispatch personnel to most locations in the world; we specialize in locating missing children up to ages 18.


Areas of expertise: Parental abduction, Missing children, Kidnappings,
Runaway children and Counselling.

Unfortunately in this day and time parental kidnapping happens and we are here to help you trough this difficult period.
We are aware parental child abduction can be difficult to resolve, but we use professional operatives with the skills and expertise to help find a resolution.

One key to Abp World Group`s successful recovery and re-unification of your loved one is to use all necessary means available including:

Intelligence Gathering
Information Specialists/Skip Tracing
Evidence Procurement
Surveillance Special Ops
Non-Combatant Evacuation Ops
Domestic Support
International Operations
Maritime/Land/Air transport

– We collaborate with The Missing Children Network in Sweden, Bortfort.no and ERG in Norway and many other org.


We understand that your case investigation needs to be tailored to your pacific circumstances and must be changing as the mission evolves.

ABP World Group is a complete Security service.
Our experience and training gives our organization the capability to operate and assist our clients whenever and wherever they need us. We are able to assist our clients anywhere in the world within 24 hours.


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